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On 1st September 1973, Peter Clarfeld founded his individually-owned company in Winsen (Luhe) near Hamburg, Germany, and later renamed it as KFB Clarfeld Germany trading company Ltd. Originally, Peter Clarfeld’s company carried out marine noise abatement and vibration damping work as well as the installation of heat and cold insulation.

He was active in shipbuilding countries all over the world: Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Norway, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Spain, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, United States. On the strength of the company’s success, and the worldwide contact ensuing from it, in 1977 Peter Clarfeld received the
first requests for ball- and roller-bearings. In 1978, Peter Clarfeld therefore decided to start up his own brand, KFB, for ball- and roller-bearings.